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The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) company representing more than 58,000 massage therapists nationwide. Our Maine Chapter proudly supports 622 members practicing in our state. Our Chapter provides: exceptional continuing education opportunities three times each year, encourages networking and social opportunities, reports any legislative changes and requirements within our profession and works hard to educate our communities about the benefits of receiving skilled massage. Please feel free to contact any of our Chapter Board members.

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Government Relations Committee:
LD 1036, the bill that would have eliminated LMT licensure, had an open hearing in Augusta in the spring of 2017, which Kelly LeCroix and six other members attended and spoke at.  The status of the bill was then changed to “Ought Not To Pass” out of the State Appropriations and Financial Affairs committee; Later in 2017, LD 1036 bill did not pass the legislature.

LD 390, the bill which would have placed a 5.5% sales tax on each massage session, was changed.  In 2017 the state legislators voted to remove the taxation element of LD-390.The LD 390 was the State budget, and the tax part and maybe several other parts were holding things up causing a government shutdown.  So that is why they removed the taxation element from the bill. It doesn’t mean they will not try to get it through again at a later date. One thing that could stop us from getting taxed in the future is to get health practitioner status, which many states have for massage therapy.   Wendy Decker from this committee believes this can be accomplished by either writing it into our licensing law or massage therapists being under the health and human services Board.

Thank you to everyone who wrote or called their State legislators asking they vote down these bills, and to those who worked on the committee and attended the hearing.  Good job, everyone!

The Government Relations Committee will be having its first meeting of 2018 on May 20,  10:00 AM at 170 Summner St Lewiston. Please contact Tarnya M Constantino or Wendy Decker to let them know you plan to attend.


If you ever need to contact your legislators you can start here:

CONTACT SENATORS:  3 State House Station,  Augusta, 04333-0003, or 1-800-423-6900;

CONTACT REPRESENTATIVES:  2 State House  Station, Augusta, 04333-0002, or 1-800-423-2900.


There have been questions about which bodywork practitioners are required to have massage licenses.  The following section of the Maine law speaks to that:

Exemptions to registration or certification

  1. Other professionals. This chapter does not apply to the activities or services of members of other professions licensed, certified or registered by the State, including, but not limited to, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, cosmetologists or registered nurses performing soft tissue manipulation consistent with the laws of the State governing their practices, provided they do not use the title “massage therapist” or “massage practitioner.”
[ 1993, c. 245, §8 (AMD) .]
  1. Other exemptions.  This chapter does not apply to the activities and services of individuals who practice other forms of tissue work exclusive of massage therapy, such as rolfing, Trager, reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki and polarity, if those practitioners do not use the title “massage therapist” or “massage practitioner,” unless they choose to meet the requirements of this chapter.

A copy of the present state law governing massage therapy is can be found on the state website.  The contact information for the Massage Therapy Licensing is

Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation


Gardiner Annex 76 Northern Ave, Gardiner, ME

35 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333


Maine Massage Therapy License Renewal
To renew your license go to:
http://www.maine.gov/pfr/professionallicensing/professions/massage/renew.htmlIf you have forgotten when your license needs to be renewed go to:https://www.pfr.maine.gov/almsonline/almsquery/SearchIndividual.aspxsearch for your name, then click on the result and the system will show you your renewal date.We can not stress the importance of timely renewal.  The state is very hard on those who have let their license lapse as some of our members can attest.
Another useful contact is:

Maine Department of Labor:


45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, Maine

PO Box 259, Augusta, ME 04330


2018   Board Meeting Minutes


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