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2019 AMTA Maine Chapter Annual Meeting and Training Sunday April 7  at the Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine located at 76 Community Drive, Augusta, ME 04330
  About Our Presenters This spring we have 2 presenters for you to choose from.
  Jason Erickson teaching:   Introduction into Dermoneuromodulation for Pain Relief    (NCBTMB approved 6 CEUs) This workshop introduces massage therapist to practical applications of modern pain science concepts based upon the Neuromeric theory of pain and the biopsychosocial model of therapy. Dermoneuromodulation  (DNM) provides an updated conceptual framework for massage therapists to better understand pain and to alleviate it. Hands-on techniques focus on gentle skin stretching to stimulate non-nociceptive sensory pathways and trigger a down regulation of pain and neural sensitization. Participants learn simple methods for addressing common problem areas around the neck, shoulders, back, hips and extremities.

About Jason

Jason Erickson co-owns and practices massage at Eagan Massage Center.  He is best known for therapeutic and sports massage, with a reputation for providing pain relief, improving function, and enabling athletic performance. Many of his clients are referred by medical providers, personal trainers, and by other massage therapists. He is   able to work with clothed clients as needed, using various techniques from massage, positional release, stretching, etc. Qualifications:
  • Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Certified Hot DNM Pillossage Instructor
  • Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist
  • Certified Pre/Post-Natal Massage Therapist
  • Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (OES)
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
  • Certified Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)
  • Certified Partner-Assisted Stretching
  • Certificate in Fascia Work
  • Certified Active Isolated Stretching Therapist (2013-2017), practitioner since 2007
  • Certified Circular Strength Training Instructor (2004-2010)
  • Approved CE provider: NCBTMB, CE Broker (FL & GA)
Jason is an internationally recognized continuing education provider, teaching classes in pain science, pain management, dermoneuromodulation, therapeutic movement, orthopedic massage, sports massage, research literacy, and other topics. He has presented at the 2016 International Massage Therapy Research Conference (IMTRC) and the 2017 Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Congress. Jason has served as the Minnesota Chapter President (2014-2016) for the American Massage Therapy Association. He is Master of Ceremonies for the annual San Diego Pain Summit. His articles have appeared in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage New Zealand Magazine, the Japanese Journal of Acupuncture and Manual Therapies, Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and other publications. Jason's AMTA Webpage

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Sara Pierce teaching:   Presence: Bringing Mindfulness to Massage   (6 CEUs) In this class you will develop therapeutic skills to remain in present time awareness with our clients and ourselves. This approach is especially useful for clients who experience chronic illness or pain, PTSD, stress or anxiety and addiction recovery.

About Sara

Sara Pierce graduated from Simmons College in Boston in 1983 with a degree in Physical Therapy. Her orientation towards a more holistic approach has influenced her further training and career. With that in mind, she studied consciousness studies for 12 years; attended the Acadia School of Massage in Bar Harbor, Maine (2010) and received a Masters in Integrative Health and Healing from the Graduate Institute in Bethany,CT in 2014. Sara also has certifications in Transformative Meditation and Holistic Stress Management Instructor. Sara currently offers services in Mount Desert, Maine; Naples, Florida; and Key Colony Beach, Florida. Classes, intensives and workshops are created wherever requested as possible. In the past these have occurred in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, England, Connecticut and California. She also offers Skype and phone coaching services. Sara is also involved in the nonprofit, Children, Families and Communities, which can be found at
As I explore and discover this healing practice I offer what I have learned along the way. In this way I am a guide towards your healing. Patiently and compassionately we have the opportunity to “become more of who we truly are”. How we get to these pieces is as individual as each one of us is. I welcome the idea that all healing paths are useful and not. It’s my experience that each path has offered me a window into “partial truths”. I deeply believe in the idealistic view of many paths, one destination. I’m not interested in rejecting concepts but adopting curiosity. Nor am I interested in choosing one method and rejecting all others. At a certain place all healing paths intersect, and that is my area of focus. It is my aspiration to guide self-discovery along each individual’s healing path in relationship to their body and consciousness with themselves and others. My work is constantly evolving from learning differences in education and life; to the study of movement; to the inner experience of physical structure; to the development of children and the development of family; to the integration of physical, emotional, energetic and mental self; to the exploration of Nature and humanness; to the study and experience of the spiritual realities of love, compassion, forgiveness, All and wholeness; to the exploration of flow in many forms and dimensions; to the gifts of recovery and remembrance; to adult and adult relationship; to creating life in honor of destiny; to exploring stillness and insight of the mind. All of these “parts” or “partial truths” along a healing path are singular and universal in nature.   Peace is A kind word, A gentle touch, Compassionate understanding, Clear boundaries, And Respectful support of one another. We find peacefulness within ourselves. All this requires daily conscious awareness of ourselves. My mission is for each of us to live our purpose. The possibility of that is much greater in peace.
Services with Sara Pierce promote change. First, in awareness of what is, then with intention of what is desired, followed by action that is different than what has been previously done. In partnership we move towards change. I take a holistic and integrated approach to all healing. First we must be still enough to notice “what is”. In this present time awareness choices can be considered and made, whether this is in verbal communication, by listening to the body or by movement. We go through life creating and recreating ourselves unconsciously most of the time. This is an opportunity to act differently – to consciously choose. As a guide or midwife to this process, I am honored to stay present with you. Between us we have years of experience and information to arrive at what are the optimum choices in the moment. Sara's Website  

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The Day's Schedule:  Each presenter will teach a total of 6 hrs

Sunday April 7 Registration   8:30 am

                    Classes                     9 am - 12 pm

Luncheon & Annual Meeting    12 pm - 2 pm

                   Classes                     2 pm - 5 pm

Full registration includes 6 credit hours of continuing education and buffet luncheon for the AMTA member price of $ 55, AMTA Student Members $ 35, Non-member $ 79. 
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Registration Will Close on March 21.