Spring 2018         Different Strokes                    

         American Massage Therapy Association, Maine Chapter Newsletter

1. Welcome!

Welcome members to our new year! We hope it will be a great one! This year is the 75th anniversary of the AMTA. We are very happy to be participating in this organization which has done so much for our profession.

Before I began massage school back in 1982, I attended an AMTA meeting. At that time there were only 4 or 5 massage therapists in all of Connecticut. I signed right up as a student member and have been a member ever since. Now that Chapter is over 1000 members, and our Maine Chapter has about 700 members. AMTA continues to grow and promote this profession and its members. Now it is 75 years old! We are celebrating this anniversary by Illuminating the Service of Massage Therapists in Our Communities. You can read about this project later in the newsletter.

We have many new volunteers this year and always welcome more. Our new board has met, the Government Relations Committee (GRC) will be meeting and planning, our Communication Committee (CC) lead by Kara Masters Siekman has put out this informative newsletter, we are starting a library, we have a Meritorious Award winner, Dale Albert, Alex Rheault and our Membership Committee will be introducing us to new members, and our Sports Team lead by Chele Fuller is off and running.

Let us get started by introducing ourselves to you. ~Anita DeVito

For your ease of connecting a contact sheet for board members and other volunteers is attached.

2. Introduction


Anita DeVito (Portland) I am happy to serve as president of your board and look forward to getting to know more of our members. Last year at the Chapter leadership training many suggestions were made for things the chapters could do for the members. I like the ideas of study groups, sharing groups, and video meetings. The board is going to have a video meeting. If this works well all members will be able to attend our board meetings and we can set up a variety of online groups for members to participate in. Other suggestions included local group hikes, picnics, and potlucks. Please contact me with any questions or ideas you have. You can reach me at or 207-233- 2805.


On a personal note, I live in Portland, which is where I grew up. I love the earth, ecology, and plant sciences and numbers. Now in my life I am working in accounting (numbers) and doing tours at the Desert of Maine (earth and plant sciences). As a therapist my favorite bodywork techniques are Craniosacral, Reiki, Trager, and Acupressure, working with herbs and flower essences, and teaching qi gong and yoga therapy (all ecology of the soul). I also give the Oneness Blessing and the Rites of the Munay KI. I enjoy hiking, biking, gardening, camping, traveling, and buying fabric which I never make time to use.


Board Members: Louisa Abarno and Hedy Blauvelt

Louisa Abarno (Greenwood) – Licensed Massage Therapist, Health and Wellness Practitioner and Certified Fitness Instructor.  I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 2001 and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, a minor in Education and Dance along with Master credits in Education.  I also have held/hold multiple certifications in emergency medicine and nursing, group fitness, step, kickboxing, Zumba, personal training, massage therapy, spa therapy, swimming and aquatic exercise, skiing, and am a certified ASCEP coach.  I believe in a therapeutic touch as an aid to wellness for the body mind and spirit.


“Through muscle relaxation, balance, tone, and improved circulation, massage helps to bring one to a state of homeostasis.” (Louisa Abarno)



Karen Vasil-Busch. (Buckfield) Why I stepped forward? “Understated elegance” was one of the comments used to describe the venue for this year’s Annual AMTA meeting. That phrase stayed with me, perhaps because that’s what I saw in the volunteers at this years meeting. Everything, from the buffet to the workshops, set before us, seemingly without effort. A quick look behind the scenes showed a different picture. I witnessed a handful of women running the show, so to speak, and that’s when I decided that I wanted to help out. I have been an AMTA member for 19 years, and even though I have volunteered in my community, directed a large holistic venue, for many years, I wanted to throw my hat into the ring, again. Why? Primarily because these women looked like they would be fun to work with and I want to be useful on another level to a cause that I believe in: touch, the understated elegance of massage therapy.


Finance: Jeannie Fuller-Lehtis – Stay tuned.


Delegates:   Christine Boudreau and Jeannie Fuller-Lehtis

Christine Boudreau (Portland) – A 1999 graduate of the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts, I have been practicing massage for nearly 20 years. Currently in private practice, I’ve worked in various settings including spas, wellness centers, collaborative health offices, and as an employee of a chiropractic office. I am always striving to enhance the clinical reputation of massage, promoting its ongoing benefits for chronic pain, trauma, anxiety, depression and sensory regulation, in addition to the more acute and measurable, soft tissue outcomes. I believe strongly in empowering others to determine their own, best path to health and a good life.

I live in Portland and thoroughly enjoy the multicultural and culinary immersion just outside my door! A passionate home cook, I like to serve up signature dishes and daring desserts at family gatherings, and indulge often in Maine’s bounty of organic and seasonal delights. Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga continually weave their way into my life, and I bring their principles with me wherever I go, in my massage practice as well as into the public school system, where I work as an educational aid to adolescents.

I am honored to represent Maine as a delegate, and hope to gain wisdom and inspiration from the many, passionate minds who come together at our national convention.

Communication Committee: Alex Rheault, Amber Howard, Kara Masters Siekman

Kara M. S. (Chair, Bethel)        THANK YOU!   I received the student scholarship in October of 2017. I wish to thank the Board of the Maine Chapter, who chose me for the retreat scholarship. The timing was perfect for a retreat from a year-long training program. Bar Harbor and the weekend were beautiful. And I absolutely loved the Thai Yoga training with Julie Gammon! Since yoga is my self-care modality, I was thrilled to have a day with Julie. I highly recommend Julie Gammon’s “Thai Massage and Self-Care for Bodyworkers” or other offerings from Julie:

I made some new friends and by sheer luck met up with my dear friend, Marsea, and we swam in the cool (temperature) rooftop pool. This gathering of LMTs fueled my excitement to become an LMT! The food was spectacular, and the dining hall was so lovely. I felt very honored as a student, and I so appreciated the learning, the friends new and old, and the entire experience. I am looking forward to this fall, right here in my region of western Maine.

With my recent LMT in hand (many thanks due to New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Massage), I am starting Abundant Wellness, my massage therapy and yoga practices in Bethel, Maine, where I live most of the time, and with a seasonal studio on Islesboro, Maine, where my family and I have built a house and cottage garden during 25 summers. I dream of a floating studio! In the meantime I welcome questions, suggestions, interesting stories, and images from all of you. One passion of mine is NVC, conscious communication.  I believe that good communications can change the world. With much gratitude and good (x 4) vibrations from your new Communications Committee Chair, Kara Masters Siekman           Kara’s photographs are featured in this newsletter.

Membership Committee:

Alex Rheault (Chair, Scarborough)

Welcome new and continuing AMTA Members in Maine. We encourage you to contact us and share events, advanced and continuing training, professional interests and experiences. Our communication committee will deliver what we are able to include in the newsletter, via the Facebook page, and website.  Share your questions with us, and we will do our best to answer promptly.



Drawing Alex Rheault



I am a member for five years, and will be working with the Communications Team on the Chapter Newsletter and Chair of the Membership Committee, welcoming new members, finding out areas of interests to engage more of us in volunteer positions, and bringing breadth of content to our communications.currently studying Craniosacral Therapy with Don Ash; I combine CST. Reiki, Polarity, and neuromuscular techniques in my therapeutic practice with clients of all ages. I am a visual artist, art professor at UNE and teach privately; I curate exhibits & community projects, and write, and ride a Motoguzzi motorcycle in my spare time.

Alex Rheault’s drawings are featured in this issue of “Different Strokes”.


Government Relations:

We are thankful for our Gov. Relations Committee: Wendy Decker, Tarnya Constantino, Amber Howard, Tamara Stockwell, Christine Boudreau, and others. We will introduce you to this group of dedicated volunteers in our next newsletter.


Education Committee:

Dale Albert (Chair, Albion), Mary Craven (Portland), Jeannie Fuller-Lehtis (Albion), Amber Howard (Hulls Cove), and Pamela Litchfield (Pownal)


Sports Team:

Chele Fuller (Chair, China) I am excited to accept the nomination of Sports Team Chair and to work a alongside fellow AMTA members as we reinvent the Maine Sports team. I come to this position with extensive experience in the sports realm as both a coach and athlete. In addition to my massage practice I currently work as a coach at GEvolution Fitness and I am a yoga teacher at Downtown Yoga and Healing arts located in Augusta. My credentials include:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Youth Exercise Specialist
  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
  • ACE Health Coach
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500)
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Shivashakti Thai Yoga Body Work L1
  • 2016 NAS Masters National Strongman Championship Competitor
  • BS in Management
  • SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources


Beyond the credentials, I live a life of love and abundance. I firmly believe that giving is the only way to receive. Watch for more info coming soon for how you can get involved.

3. Sports Team Report:

Our Sports Team is revamping and headed to many different types of events. Chele our new Chair hopes to bring massage to many new events in the coming months. If you wish to participate or have an event you wish to support, please contact her (
The board has approved $65 reimbursement (for your meals and transportation) for each participant at Sports Team Events.


The Maine Marathon will be September 30 in Portland. Please contact Chele to participate.

4. Maine AMTA Community Member Highlights: Illuminating Service

This is a section where we will post what members are doing to serve In Maine.

Please include the original community service idea or “spark”, thoughts, wishes, process, largest obstacle to overcome, progress, a magical moment, and hopes and dreams of the project. Are any resources or volunteers needed? Collaborations desired? Examples: chair massage for teacher appreciation day, working with elders, gifting a session to a low-income woman or man, sharing about bodywork during a career day for high school or college students, or our feature story of serving in a women’s shelter.


5. AMTA News

The AMTA is celebrating 75 years of health and wellness. Check the amta web-site for a history lesson about our organization and promotions:

“What started as a small group of like-minded, dedicated massage therapy professionals in 1943 has grown to an association with more than 80,000 members—all of whom are just as devoted and dedicated to the profession. As the largest non-profit association for massage therapists, students and schools, we are celebrating our rich history while looking to the future for exciting advancements.”


AMTA 75th Anniversary Event – Celebrating 75 Years of Professionalism and Purpose:

Our Maine Chapter 75th Anniversary Plans A Celebration of Service includes an invitation for YOU, our members, to honor and celebrate an LMT friend’s work or your own work on a community service project in Maine. Our goal is to call in and assemble 75 short stories of service and purpose from our members in Maine: Illuminating Service: 75 Stories of AMTA-MT’s in Maine”. Stories may be as short as a paragraph or several paragraphs long. Please do not shorten if it needs to be said. Let us know if you have an idea and wish to help us celebrate our stories of service in Maine.

The 75 stories will enliven several of our needs: highlighting and honoring service in Maine and honoring the AMTA’s 75 years! Our stories may open up some potential connections, collaborations, or friendships with co-support, resources, or volunteers for various service projects. The collective stories will be honored and celebrated. And we will share select stories in our newsletters, on FB, on our web-site, at our 2018 fall retreat and 2019 annual meeting. You are welcome to offer ideas; we could use a few more volunteers to work on our 75th Celebration.


Story – Sandrine Chabert:

To launch our 75 Stories of MT Service in Maine we would like to highlight the volunteer work of a recent NHITA graduate and classmate, Sandrine Chabert. Since her work is fresh and in process of forming, I find it inspirational!   Sandrine wrote her story, prompted be the template questions below. Thank you, Sandrine, for sharing with your heart and hands.

Sandrine’s idea first came to her when in school and in need of practice clients; she thought it would be a great way to benefit her community as well as her education. Making massage and bodywork accessible to the underserved populations is something Sandrine is very committed to.

Sandrine got in touch with the Portland Shelter for battered women run by Through These Doors (formerly Family Crisis Services) and started volunteering as an MT shortly after graduation.  Sandrine reached out to her classmates and teachers and found a used table in good condition that was donated by the school.  She was not sure how the program would unfold, but she just started by touching in and reaching out!

She is working on a grant so that the program can be an integral part of the services offered there. She’s in the early stages of the grant writing, working with her friend Heather Denkmire, a grant writer (and winner!)

She is soon to meet with the director of the shelter Jenny Stasio to discuss further how to implement the service and make it a permanent offering at the shelter for the residents as well as for the staff (burn out rate in social work is very high). They will discuss the need to educate the residents about the benefits of bodywork, especially for victims of abuse, how to address it with a naturally transient population (monthly meetings, survey, literature,…), and, among other things, how to introduce safe touch concept to women who have suffered from physical violence.

She knows there are obstacles such as gaining the confidence of the residents and educating them about safe touch and the benefits of massage. Often times the residents come with many physical and emotional issues due to trauma or a lifetime of rough circumstances. This will take education on Sandrine’s part to learn more about trauma informed bodywork in order to avoid pitfalls such as re-traumatizing or triggering emotions.

So far the residents have been very appreciative and enthusiastic. In the past month and a half she’s treated 4 residents and 2 staff members. Because of the transient nature of the residents it might be difficult to establish regularity and follow ups; another challenge that can be foreseen  is how dedicated to their massage appointment can the women be when they have to face immense difficulties to reconstruct their lives (kids back in school, looking for lodging,…) after they get out of the shelter. Sandrine feels like she has the support of the shelter director and manager who are equally excited about bringing this program to life.

Her vision for the future would be to have massage and bodywork services offered throughout all the shelters in Maine – because every woman deserves to know what safe touch is.


Call to Members: Members, now it’s your turn. Submit your story to Kara or Anita. If you have a story but are unable to write it, let us know and we will help. What you are doing is important and we want you to know we support you.


This writing template may make it easier to write about an Illuminating Service project:

Service Inspiration and Process Illuminating the service of:
Initial inspiration and thoughts
Largest obstacle?
How the MT overcame this obstacle?
Current progress?
Needs for resources or support?
Future hopes and dreams?
Exquisite and special moment from this work?


6. Awards

Chapter Meritorious Award   This year we have awarded the Chapter Meritorious Award to Dale Jacqueline Albert for her excellent service as our Education Committee Chairperson. Dale has been our Education Chair for the past year, working tirelessly and graciously under great pressure. She has brought our chapter great educational events while virtually working alone (sometimes working with only one other person helping). She has always kept a smile on her face and joy in her heart while working in all situations and all during a time when she has had more than one “issue” to deal with personally. We (the chapter BOD) would like to commend Dale for all her efforts in securing leading presenters and great venues for our members and keeping (at times) the only “working” committee our chapter has had vital and thriving. Her determination and work ethic has been an inspiration to others to volunteer for our chapter and she is extremely deserving of this award.

Here are just some of Dale’s outstanding characteristics which make her uniquely qualified for this award:

  1. Her outstanding warm personality – always has time for every big or small question from anyone.
  2. Her willingness to help – she puts in way more than her fair share of time driving to far destinations (from her home) to make sure a venue is appropriate for our needs                                                                                                                               3. Her ability to persevere through thick or thin to get done all that needs to be done                                                                                                                               4. Her attention to the Details big and small!
  3. Her patience – dealing with our BOD and (at times) with conflicting                 information with grace and cheerfulness.                                                                                                       6. Her dedication to education and all things “massage” related and making sure her AMTA chapter gets the best there is to offer.

The board has approved travel funds to send Dale to the National Convention where she will receive her award directly from the amta’s president and be able to participate in the educational opportunities offered there. Dale will also participate in the Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP) and Chapter Leadership Training.

THANK YOU! Dale for all you have done for us! We as a chapter are very grateful for your service and commitment to our profession!                                                            

7. Chapter Library  

At the Annual Meeting, a member suggested the Chapter create a library. This was discussed at the recent board meeting and approval was granted to establish a library for our chapter. The purpose of said library would be to house books and dvd training videos that could be borrowed by members. To begin the library the board approved funding in the amount of $500.00 for the acquisition of materials and postage.

One member will house the library contents and act as librarian. Other members will contact her/him when they wish to borrow something.   Materials will be checked out and returned via mail. The library will seek donation from publishers and watch for sales on materials that may be of interest. We welcome members to donate books and videos to the library as well. Other states maintain a listing of library materials on their websites. We will do this if possible and announce new arrivals in the newsletters.

We need a volunteer for the position of “Librarian”. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the position please contact Anita, or 233-2806.


8. Education Committee Report

We had a wonderful turnout at the Annual Meeting and Workshops on April 8, 2018. We had a total of 91 registrations for two classes at the Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth. Our presenters were Don Ash for Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and Julie Goodwin for Arthritis/Abdominal massage. Welcome to the new volunteers on the Education Committee: Mary Craven, who has volunteered in the past for other committees; Amber Howard from Hall Cove, and Pamela Litchfield from Pownal, Maine. THANK YOU! I would also like to thank the volunteers who were my door monitors at the annual meeting. For Don Ash’s class: Thank you, Norma Gurry from Lebanon, Maine and Jeannie Genest from Oakland, Maine. For Julie Goodwin’s class: Thank you, Hedy Blauvelt form Topsham, Maine and Diane Roham from Auburn, Maine. Thank you so much for pitching in by keeping track of the head count in the room, passing out and collecting all the evaluations / surveys, and finally, making sure everyone walked out with their CE certificates! It was a big help to me. I appreciate it so much! I am planning to go to Washington D.C. in August and would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey. I have found wonderful people along the way, and I have learned and grown so much. The Meritorious Award is very warmly and humbly appreciated. Thank you. This little train has learned, “I can! I Can!” What a surprise! I will continue to do the very best I can for the Maine AMTA Chapter.             Your ED-Chair, Dale Jacqueline Albert



Julie Goodwin provided a follow up from her recent training at our annual meeting:                                                                                                                          In Safe Hands: Clients with Arthritis: Arthritis is one of the most common reasons for which clients seek massage therapy. Understanding how different forms of arthritis develop and the risk factors, signs and symptoms, possible complications, treatments and medications empowers you to create treatment plans that ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective massage experience for your clients.                         Massage of the Abdomen: Deep, specific work on the anterior torso combines myofascial, visceral, and Swedish techniques to alleviate back pain, encourage effective bowel peristalsis, facilitate deep respiration, and release fascial restrictions, and can stand alone as a complete treatment, or be combined with other techniques for a unique client experience.

Quote: My goal as a continuing education instructor is to motivate new and experienced practitioners to stretch themselves and renew their commitment to this wonderful career.                                                                                                      Website: You can see class descriptions and upcoming workshops, and contact me with any questions, by visiting my website,

My Maine Visit: My time in Portland was so special. Every single person I met, from the AMTA-ME Board members to the hotel staff, was especially warm and welcoming, and the students were wonderfully enthusiastic and dedicated to learning. I even learned the difference between Mainers and Maniacs! It would be a dream to come back to Maine again in the future… ~Julie Goodwin                                                                       Future Dates: The closest I am coming to Maine this summer is when I will be teaching Elder Massage: Touching the Past and Posture and Gait Assessment at the Swedish Institute in New York City, June 15-16. You can get more information and register at


Don Ash Several of our members have signed up for Don Ash’s training. You can explore trainings on his website.

9. Upcoming Chapter Education

Maine Chapter Fall Retreat, October 19-21, Sunday River, Newry, ME.

The retreat will feature two or three presenters. We have confirmed George Russell who will teach on Jaw, Ears, and Skull and Greg Hurd who will be teaching deep tissue and advanced chair massage. Registration will be open in August and will close 1 week before the event. Please plan to sign up early.


Scholarships to the Our October Retreat:

There are two scholarships available for the retreat. One for a member and one for a student. Each is for a first time participant to our fall retreat. The scholarships cover registration, room and board. To apply for a scholarship please write an essay about yourself, what massage means to you, and why you want to attend the retreat. Email your essay to any member of the board. The deadline for applications is June 30th.


2018 National AMTA-Convention, August 9-11


Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

2660 Woodley Rd NW

Washington, DC 20008

To check out the AMTA National Convention use this link:

11. Member Training Links

Announcements of trainings will be posted and most up-to-date on our Facebook page and Web-site, with links to registration. Professional members and member schools are welcome to send there information on post graduate trainings they are presenting to Kara for posting. (Your other announcement will go in the general announcement section earlier in the newsletter.)  Reports from trainings will be included in the newsletter. The newsletter will ultimately have links to all of these resources. We are working to streamline and link our AMTA, Maine Chapter Communication system. If you have ideas or expertise in this arena, please join us!

12. Facebook Update

We have fielded questions from Facebook and answered them privately and within this newsletter. If your questions have not been answered, please try again. We will do our best to answer them as soon as possible. The question on oils will be answered in the next newsletter.

amta members and member schools may post upcoming trainings on our FB page. Please submit directly to the FB Admin. We aim to keep the page and questions as up to date as possible. We have a learning curve, so please offer suggestions or volunteer if you have skills that we do not.

Chapter facebook link:


13. Website

We try to upate the website once a week with board meeting minutes, event announcements, education registration links, and other important information.

Chapter website link:


14. Government Relations Update

The Government Relations Committee will be having its first meeting of 2018 at 10:00 AM on May 20 at 170 Sumner Street Lewiston. Contact Tarnya M Constantino or Wendy Decker to let them know you plan to attend. Contact information for chapter volunteers is attached to the newsletter.

LD 1036, the bill that would have eliminated LMT licensure, had an open hearing in Augusta in the spring of 2017. Kelly LeCroix and six other members attended and spoke at the hearing. The status of the bill was then changed to “Ought Not To Pass” out of the State Appropriations and Financial Affairs committee. Later in 2017, the LD 1036 bill did not pass the legislature.


LD 390, the bill which would have placed a 5.5% sales tax on each massage session, was changed. In 2017 the state legislators voted to remove the taxation element of LD-390.

The LD 390 was the State budget, and the tax part and maybe several other parts were holding things up causing a government shutdown. So that is why they removed the taxation element from the bill. It does not mean they will not try to get it through again at a later date. One thing that could stop us from getting taxed in the future is to get health practitioner status, which many states have for massage therapy.   Wendy Decker from this committee believes this can be accomplished by either writing it into our licensing law or being under the health and human services Board.

Thank you to everyone who wrote or called their State legislators asking they vote down those bills, and to those who worked on the committee and attended the hearing. Good job, everyone!

If you ever need to contact your state senators or legislators in the future their contact information is:

CONTACT SENATORS: 3 State House Station, Augusta, 04333-0003, or 1-800-423-6900;

CONTACT REPRESENTATIVES: 2 State House Station, Augusta, 04333-0002, or 1-800-423-2900.

15. Questions & Concerns: Member Questions Answered

Question 1: There have been questions about which bodywork practitioners are required to have massage licenses. The following section of the law speaks to this:

Exemptions to registration or certification

  1. Other professionals. This chapter does not apply to the activities or services of members of other professions licensed, certified or registered by the State, including, but not limited to, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, cosmetologists or registered nurses performing soft tissue manipulation consistent with the laws of the State governing their practices, provided they do not use the title “massage therapist” or “massage practitioner.”[ 1993, c. 245, §8 (AMD) .]
  2. Other exemptions. This chapter does not apply to the activities and services of individuals who practice other forms of tissue work exclusive of massage therapy, such as rolfing, Trager, reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki and polarity, if those practitioners do not use the title “massage therapist” or “massage practitioner,” unless they choose to meet the requirements of this chapter.


A copy of the present state law governing massage therapy is attached. The contact information for the Massage Therapy Licensing is:


Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation


Gardiner Annex 76 Northern Ave, Gardiner, ME

35 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333


Question 2:  Is it legal in the state of Maine to only pay employees for billable time when they have regularly scheduled hours?

Scenario: I work part time at a chiropractic office. I am an employee, not an independent contractor. I have regularly schedule hours. I only get paid for the time I am working on clients. Is this legal in the state of Maine?

Answer:   If the therapist is free to leave during the time when they are not doing massage, or if the therapist is a private/independent contractor for the professional office contracted to do massage only, they are not guaranteed wages for time not spent doing massage.

If on the other hand, the therapist is required to be present in the office when they are not doing massage, then they must be paid for that time. If the therapist is required to be there and is answering the phone, or making copies, or in any way working then definitely payment is required. In this case, the office must pay you for the time there. And, one must receive compensation equivalent to at least minimum wage for the time spent in the office. The total amount of compensation including massage fee, tips, and hourly pay must be equivalent to at least the Maine minimum wage which is presently $10.00 per hour. It may be that the fee from doing massage creates a minimum wage equivalency for other time spent in the office.

From past experience I believe there needs to be an employment contract between the therapist and the employer clarifying these issues prior to employment.     If not provided, it is advantageous for the therapist to request a contract or write one and co-sign with your employer.

For more information on this contact the Labor Department:

Maine Department of Labor:


45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, Maine

PO Box 259, Augusta, ME 04330


Question 3: How should I handle an embedded tick I discover during a massage therapy session? See Health Watch below.


16. License Renewal:

It is very important to renew your license on a timely basis. It can be costly and time consuming to let it lapse. Here is the link:

If you have forgotten when your license needs to be renewed go to:

search for your name, then click on the result and the system will show you your renewal date.

17. Health Watch

Adult Female Deer Tick

Adult Female

Adult Female Engorged Deer Tick

Adult Female Engorged

Deer Tick - Adult Female and Nymph


Photos by Griffin Dill   from the UMaine extension Service

Ticks! Ticks! and More Ticks!
Be alert to ticks, and do your research before yanking one out of a client. Read this interesting article from Massage Magazine on finding a tick on a client during a massage session.  Take care of you. Take care of your clients.

More information on ticks can be found online at the University of Maine Extension Service.  They have tick identification information, photos, and tick removal techniques.  Tick removal spoons and other devices can be found on Amazon.

18. Self-Care

Each newsletter we will strive to have a particular focus on self-care. Send in your ideas to share with our members.


In this issue we focus on the prevention of Lyme disease. From an NPR Health e-mail newsletter, “What can you to do lower the odds that you’ll be infected with the tick-borne disease? Don’t count on bug repellant to protect you, though it may help.

* Wear light-colored clothing to make it easier to spot tiny tick nymphs that spread most of the illness. Long sleeves and long pants are also good ideas.
* The most effective strategy is a thorough tick check of your body after you’ve been in tick-infested areas.
* Start low and work your way up. “The ticks do tend to climb upward — like they climb up your legs,” entomologist Barbara Thorne tells NPR’s Allison Aubrey.”

NPR Health <>

19. Volunteer Opportunities

We each have a variety of skills, and we have untapped skills that we have yet to learn. If you would like to share your skills please contact any member of the board or communications team. Below are listed some opportunities.

If you already know how or would like to learn to work with websites, our Communications Committee would like you to join them. We need someone with a few minutes to spare to update our website once a week. Please contact Kara or Anita.

Chele will soon be needing assistants as our Sports Team begins to participate in events all around the state.


Writers Wanted!

We have many areas of communications that we are pursuing and that require your assistance. Write about yourself, brag about a service project, your community, our therapists, pose a question, or write an answer. If it interests you, it will likely interest others. Regular column needs include: our 75th Anniversary and our Community Service column (yours or an amta-MT friend’s service project), Questions and Answers, Ask a Therapist, Members Maine, Massage Therapy and Client Health Concerns, Photos and Artwork of the Month, and Surprise! (anything to amaze, delight, peak curiosity and learning column!

20.  Members Main

Looking for an AMTA member from northern Maine to kick off this column. Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western, Maine are so different. Members, please tell us about YOUR Maine, the history, special events, quirky little things that make your town unique. Photos encouraged!


21. Curiosity SURPRISE! 

Members, please submit your ideas for a “Surprise!” section in each newsletter—It may be curious facts about: body’s systems, the brain, the heart, muscles, interesting visceral facts, massage therapy, nature, the stars, relationships, current favorite music link, or anything you think may interest or fascinate us.


Member Quiz: What is the tiniest muscle?     Submit your answers to Kara for inclusion in the next newsletter.

**Trees elec impulse measured at same rate as “stripping” a muscle –1 inch per 3 seconds. More on this interesting tidbit next newsletter.

22. Members Photos, Art & Writing

We would like to feature photographs and/or artwork in each newsletter. We are open to member submissions of photographs, poetry, prose, and artwork. We cannot promise that we can share all photos or writing submitted, yet we will do our best to honor your artwork, while at the same time seeking to improve our content. Be sure to credit the artist or writer. Thank you!

23. Newsletter Deadlines, Disclaimer, Contact Information

Deadline for submissions to the next newsletter is July 1, 2018

Pictures and articles are encouraged and welcomed from members but we reserve the right to edit and/or refuse any submitted article, graphic, or advertisement and assume no responsibility for errors, omissions, or corrections. In addition neither the AMTA Maine Chapter, Different Strokes, or this Editor warrants, guarantees or endorses any opinion, product, service, or referral advertised herein, nor do we express any opinion in regard to the legality of the use of any product in connection with the practice of massage therapy. Please submit all contributions to the editor by the due date. Graphics should be in computer-friendly format preferably JPEG. Please include a SASE if you would like anything returned. Other AMTA chapter newsletters may use materials from ours with credit cited for the source. Contact for this newsletter is:

Kara Masters Seikman,