Volunteering for your chapter is a great way to meet fellow massage therapists, make new friends, share your skills, learn new skills, and discover the AMTA from the inside. Come be a part of creating a Maine massage therapy community you want to belong to.  Help to make the decisions that affect our Chapter.
Some of our present volunteers are listed below.  Please contact us with your ideas and concerns.  Attend meeting, participate in any way you can.  We appreciate it.

Board Members:

President Anita DeVito, 207-233-2805   adevito474@gmail.com   Portland

Board Member Lousia Abarno, 207-890-0554   louisaabarno@gmail.com   Greenwood

Board Member Hedy Blauvelt,  207-522-3289   hblauv@gmail.com   Topsham

Secretary Karen Vasal-Busch,  207-336-2065   karenvasilbusch@gmail.com   Buckfield

Financial Administrator Jeannie Fuller-Lehtis,  207-649-1954   jfuller3298@gmail.com   Albion


Jeannie Fuller,  Jeannie Fuller-Lehtis,  207-649-1954   jfuller3298@gmail.com   Albion

Christine Boudreau,  207-632-7044   clboudreau@gmail.com   Portland

Education Committee:

Chair – Dale Jacqueline Albert,  207-314-3595   d.jacqueline@hotmail.com    Albion

Communications – Newsletter, Facebook, Website:

Chair – Kara Masters,  207-381-7943     mastersk28@gmail.com   Bethel

Alex Rheault,  207-632-2391   alex@alexrheault.com   Portland

Amber Howard,  207-460-4370  amhoward07@gmail.com  Hulls Cove


Chair – Alex Rheault,  207-632-2391   alex@alexrheault.com   Portland

Sports Team:

Chair – Chelle Fuller,  207-713-5036   Chellefuller@gmail.com   China

Government Relations:

Wendy Decker,  207-443-2572   reflexparties@gmail.com   Bath

Tarnya Constantino,  207-740-4544   musclekneeds@aol.com   Sumner

Amber Howard,  207-460-4370   amhoward08@gmail.com   Hulls Cove

Christine Boudreau,  207-632-7044   clboudreau@gmail.com   Portland

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Volunteer Code of Conduct
House of Delegates Code of Conduct

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Volunteers to the AMTA House of Delegates

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Committe Volunteers

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