2024 Winter and Spring Events

Registration is open for winter & spring trainings! For April training the Early Bird registration is open until Feb 28



At the Augusta Civic Center

Lunch will be served each day.

Ethics: Head, Heart, & Hands 3 CEUs with Shelia Alexander

Tues Jan 23, 2024, online via GoToMeeting, 6-9 pm This class meets national requirements for massage therapy license renewal. Massage school teaches us how to work with our hands; since our backgrounds are so varied, how do massage therapists learn to make heartfelt decisions and intelligent choices in our everyday practices? This class examines how to make focused decisions through lively discussions of ethical dilemmas in the massage and healthcare environment. Due to time constraints, not all scenarios can be included. Learn acceptable standards of behavior and the differences between ethics and religion, ethics vs feelings of right & wrong, ethics vs. the law.    Fee $20 Summary Link:       . Registration Link:

Therapeutic Cupping 2 CEUs with Christy Miller

Tues Feb 12, 2024, online via GoToMeeting, 7-9 pm This course covers the use of cups for massage therapy. We will cover topics such as history, benefits, contraindications, adverse effects, items needed, sanitation, and techniques.     Fee $20 Summary Link:            . Registration Link:

Christy Miller

Christy Miller Massage

Nerve Glide Technique   8 CEUs with Dr. James Mally

Saturday, April 13, 2024, Augusta Civic Center, 8:30 am - 6 pm Nerve impingement issues can mimic muscular-skeletal problems. Learn was to assess if a problem is from nerve impingement and easy and effective ways to relieve nerve impingement by using movement to tension and glide the nerve along its path.       Fee  Member $99,  non-member $139. registration link:        .  summary link:
  • Assessment and Treatment of Shoulder Pain 8 CEUs with Dr. James Mally

    Sunday, April 14, 2024, Augusta Civic Center, 8:30 am - 6 pm
  • Chapter Annual Meeting during lunch
  • Fee  Member $39,  Non-Member $99.
    • When a client presents with shoulder pain, you need to know how to properly assess the cause of the pain and formulate effective treatment strategies. This workshop covers evaluation and treatment of some of the most common causes of shoulder pain, including: • _Adhesive capsulitis • _Impingement and bursitis • _Rotator cuff tears • _Slipped bicipital tendon • _Thoracic outlet syndrome Expand your toolbox of assessment and treatment strategies through a series of demonstrations and practice of these techniques: • _Joint capsule release • _Soft tissue release • _Multidirectional friction and eccentric contraction • _Trigger point therapy • _Strain-counterstrain • _Reciprocal inhibition
  • . registration link:                summary link: