2024 Spring Events

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Registration is open for spring trainings!



At the Augusta Civic Center

Lunch will be served each day.


Nerve Glide Technique   8 CEUs with Dr. James Mally

Saturday, April 13, 2024, Augusta Civic Center, 8:30 am – 6 pm

Nerve impingement issues can mimic muscular-skeletal problems. Learn ways to assess if a problem is from nerve impingement and easy and effective ways to relieve nerve impingement by using movement to tension and glide the nerve along its path.   Fee  Member $99,  non-member $139. 

Early Bird pricing until Feb 28 Member $ 79 and Non-member $119

registration link:     https://cvent.me/Zvkxoa

summary link:        https://cvent.me/okVeoy


  • Assessment and Treatment of Shoulder Pain 8 CEUs with Dr. James Mally

    Sunday, April 14, 2024, Augusta Civic Center, 8:30 am – 6 pm  Annual Meeting during lunch 

    • Fee  Member $39,  Non-Member $99.


  • When a client presents with shoulder pain, you need to know how to properly assess the cause of the pain and to formulate effective treatment strategies.This workshop covers evaluation and treatment of some of the most common causes of shoulder pain, including:
    • _Adhesive capsulitis
    • _Impingement and bursitis
    • _Rotator cuff tears
    • _Slipped bicipital tendon
    • _Thoracic outlet syndrome


    Expand your toolbox of assessment and treatment strategies through a series of demonstrations and practice of these techniques:

    • _Joint capsule release
    • _Soft tissue release
    • _Multidirectional friction and eccentric contraction
    • _Trigger point therapy
    • _Strain-counterstrain
    • _Reciprocal inhibition
  • registration link:    https://cvent.me/Zvkxoa

    summary link:        https://cvent.me/okVeoy


    Save the date  Fall education retreat at Medomak Retreat Center in Washington.  Sept 13-15,2024

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  • Human Trafficking and Sexual Harrassment Discussion

    May 16, 2024      7 pm    online discussion via GoToMeeting

  • Open discussion with police and members about human trafficking and how it affects our businesses.  Object – to bring awareness of this issue to members and answer questions members may have.

  • free but use this link to register and  receive the gotomeeting link      registration link  https://cvent.me/Bl3qNN
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  • Volunteers needed   To update the chapter website, training is available.
    To lead/teach what you know at our fall 2024 retreat ex. lead a yoga class, qi gong class, hike, teach members to canoe, tell stories, demonstrate a technique you love

    Contact a board member to get involved


Your Town Ordinances Needed

  1. * Does your city/town have specific ordinances referencing either massage therapy or massage parlors?
  2. * Does your city/town allow massage therapists to operate a home-based business? Who can be employed in a home-based business? Is signage permitted on the exterior of the home? and What level of business traffic is permitted?
  3. *Does your city/town define “personal services” in a way that appears to include massage therapy as a permitted use?
  4. *Does your city/town regulate or prohibit adult businesses, including massage parlors?
  5. *Does your city/town require local licensing or registration of massage therapists, massage establishments, or massage practices?
  6. *Does your city/town have any ordinances that appear to confuse massage parlors and licensed massage therapy businesses?
  7. *Whom would you speak with to find out to find out the answers to these questions?
  8. *Who are your code enforcement officials in your city/town?
  9. *Who would you go to if you knew there was an illegal massage establishment in your area?

Please Send Your Responses to these Questions and any Online Links to Ordinances to Jessie Greenbaum who is compiling the information. This information will later be available on the chapter website.


Jessie Greenbaum greenbaumcmt@gmail.com


See our EVENTS page for MORE INFO about future trainings, upcoming Meet and Greets online, National Convention These are wonderful ways to stay connected, network, and bring your experiences to others.

Government Relations (GR) Committee Meeting: Sunday  September 11,  2023 at 9 am ZOOM. All are welcome to join in. Contact Tarnya for the Zoom login information.

Board Meetings: The last Tuesday of each month at 7 pm, online via ZOOM Please contact a board member if you would like to attend via Zoom. We encourage Maine members to join us, learn about committees and future activities, which need active donations of time.



See Covid-19 Maine resources page for latest State Mandates about in-public gatherings and more.

DOCUMENT FOR MAINE LICENSED Massage Therapists and Gov. Janet Mills’s latest statement accelerating vaccination delivery:


UPDATED RESOURCES from AMTA National Site: https://www.amtamassage.org/about/news/covid-19-resources-for-massage-therapists/

Notice to Licensed Massage Therapists

For more information resources, and links check AMTA National website:https://www.amtamassage.org/index.html

We will post others on a separate resources page:



If you would like to volunteer or donate any amount of time to a committee or event

 Please contact any board member or email maine@amtamassage.org. Thank you for your patience as one of our volunteer’s replies to your email or message.

We thank you for your membership, involvement, and ideas.









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