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April Event Registration Now Open                  We Need Your Town Ordinances see below

April Workshops

With Dale Alexander 16 CEUs

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    Learn About Dale Alexander. He has written numerous articles and has a varied background.  click on this box to link to his website.

April 15, 2023. 9 am – 6 pm    

Augusta Civic Center 

with Dale Alexander 8 CEUs

The Inside-Out Paradigm/Freeing the Heart: Releasing the Bodyʼs Central Linkage

 An introduction to how we as Massage Therapists can play a preventative role in the heartʼs progression into dysfunction and disease.


  • Participants will leave with a more thorough understanding of, “how the human body really works.”
  • Participants will learn: How to interview a client with chronic symptoms.
  • How to recognize Somatic markers when Referral to a Physician is indicated.
  • Techniques will be presented & practiced that:
  • Release the Bodyʼs Core Line and Central Linkage(s).
  • Enhance the heart’s ability to pump more blood.

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April 16, 2023.  9 am – 6 pm

Augusta Civic Center

The annual meeting will be held during the lunch hour.

with Dale Alexander 8 CEUs

The Inside-Out Paradigm/The Progression of Cervical Stenosis & Mobilization of the Shoulder

Registration will be open for this event in Jan 2023

Introduction to the Progression of Spinal Stenosis.

  • A demonstration of how to interview a client with chronic somatic ailments.
  • Participants will learn: A few assessment procedures to apply.
  • How to recognize and recalibrate “paradoxical breathing.”
  • An abbreviated protocol of treatment techniques for decompressing the cervical spine & for mobilizing the shoulder.


Your Town Ordinances Needed

  1. * Does your city/town have specific ordinances referencing either massage therapy or massage parlors?
  2. * Does your city/town allow massage therapists to operate a home-based business? Who can be employed in a home-based business? Is signage permitted on the exterior of the home? and What level of business traffic is permitted?
  3. *Does your city/town define “personal services” in a way that appears to include massage therapy as a permitted use?
  4. *Does your city/town regulate or prohibit adult businesses, including massage parlors?
  5. *Does your city/town require local licensing or registration of massage therapists, massage establishments, or massage practices?
  6. *Does your city/town have any ordinances that appear to confuse massage parlors and licensed massage therapy businesses?
  7. *Whom would you speak with to find out to find out the answers to these questions?
  8. *Who are your code enforcement officials in your city/town?
  9. *Who would you go to if you knew there was an illegal massage establishment in your area?

Please Send Your Responses to these Questions and any Online Links to Ordinances to Jessie Greenbaum who is compiling the information. This information will later be available on the chapter website.


Jessie Greenbaum greenbaumcmt@gmail.com


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See Covid-19 Maine resources page for latest State Mandates about in-public gatherings and more.

DOCUMENT FOR MAINE LICENSED Massage Therapists and Gov. Janet Mills’s latest statement accelerating vaccination delivery:


UPDATED RESOURCES from AMTA National Site: https://www.amtamassage.org/about/news/covid-19-resources-for-massage-therapists/

Notice to Licensed Massage Therapists

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