Join our Board of Directors or one of our Committees at anytime. We are currently active online and developing content for future trainings, newsletters, social media updates, and events for our members to enjoy. You are welcome to attend our Board  and the Government Relations Committee meetings, participate in a Meet and Greet or workshop. These are all ways you can network, meet other LMTs in your area, share your interests, ideas, needs, and experience. We need your help so our Chapter can continue to serve the Maine membership in ways that are meaningful and relevant.

We had elections in 2021 online.

We will have our 2022 Elections online this year.

We ALWAYS need support with our committees and additional volunteers on an ongoing basis. Please consider donating any amount of time to a committee, event, meet and greet attendance, Gov Relations Committee, membership, etc. Below are a list of committees needing Chairpersons. All committees welcome volunteers.

Please join the Maine Chapter Board of Directors or a committee in the future.: Delegate, a Financial Administrator, one Board Member for 1 year, a second Board Member for 2 years, assistance with correspondence, library, and coordinating events (online currently), newsletter and other media.

Volunteering for your chapter is a great way to meet fellow massage therapists, make new friends, share your skills, learn new skills, and discover the AMTA from the inside. Donate your time and efforts to create a Maine massage therapy community you want to belong to.  Help to make the decisions that affect our Chapter. Volunteering and learning about the AMTA structure and needs is fun!
Some of our present volunteers are listed below.  Please contact us through our Maine Chapter telephone or email below with your ideas and concerns and the area of interest. Someone from our volunteer team will get back to you.  Please attend our meetings and events; we encourage you to participate in any way you can.  We appreciate your participation and any donation of your valuable time you can share.

Chapter Phone and email: 207-805-9400 maine@amtamassage.org. Thank you for your patience as a volunteer responds to your message.

Board Members:

President Anita DeVito,  Portland

Board Member Lousia Abarno, Greenwood

Secretary Alex Rheault, Scarborough (position available 2022)

Financial Administrator, Pamela Litchfield


Karen Roper, 2021

Education Committee:

Chair -Position Open

Communications – Newsletter, Facebook, Website:

Chair – Kara Masters, Bethel

Alex Rheault, Scarborough


Chair – Jessie Greenbaum, MDI area

Sports Massage Team:

Chair – Position Open

Government Relations:

Tarnya Constantino, Sumner

Librarian: Position Open

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

.Volunteer Code of Conduct
House of Delegates Code of Conduct


Chapter Board of Directors Volunteer Position Descriptions

President Description
Board Member
Financial Administrator Description
Secretary Description

Volunteers to the AMTA House of Delegates


Delegate Description


Committee Volunteers

Committee Chair Description