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Government Relations (GR) Committee Meeting Sunday June 2 at 9 pm. Contact Wendy for the Zoom login information.

Board Meetings   Monday June 3, 7 pm Via video conference.  All are welcome.  Please contact a board member if you would like to attend.

photo Volunteers of the Year for their efforts on the GR Committee – Tarnya Constantion committee chair and Wendy Decker lobbyist liiazon at our Annual Meeting.  Tarnya will be attending a Grovernment Relations training at National.  They each received $250 and a free retreat.


Chapter Meritorious Award Winner – Alex Rheault.  Alex is Membership Committee chair and helps on the GR and communications committees, and generally supports the board.  She mentors, plans events, and promotes massage, and AMTA where ever she can.  Busy working in both the art world and massage, she still finds time to volunteer and to give back to her community.  Because of her work commitments, Alex is unable to go to the National Convention this year to receive her award but we will send her to next summer’s National Convention.



Mark your calendars for this upcoming event!

2019 AMTA Maine Chapter Fall Retreat and Training

Nov 1-3 in Bar Harbor

Friday – Sunday Nov 1-3  at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, Bar Harbor, Maine

located at 119 Eden St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609


Full Registration Closes September 14

About Our Presenters

This fall we have 3 presenters for you to choose from, Jason Erickson, Howard Nemerov and Jack Ryane.

Jason Erickson teaching Sports Massage Event Preparation and Recovery (NCBTMB approved 15 CEUs)

Event preparation and recovery are critical for athletes due to both psychological and physiological stressors. Skillful sports massage informed by pain science and sports psychology can contribute to their (and your) success. All skills taught are immediately applicable in your regular massage practice so you can master them quickly. Beginning sports massage therapists learn to work safely with athletes and performers at all levels in the 48 hours immediately before and after a strenuous event. Participants also learn to adapt to constraints often found in sports massage environments.

Based on current research and years of helping athletes prepare for and recover from events, this class approaches the practice of sports massage from a perspective influenced by current pain science. Pain science and sports psychology inform the use of assessment, treatment, and communication skills as you work with athletes and performers. Experienced sports massage therapists enjoy these classes for a refreshing approach and new skills that enhance what they already know and do.

Hands-on techniques focus on gentle skin stretching to stimulate non-nociceptive sensory pathways and trigger a down regulation of pain and neural sensitization. Participants learn simple methods for addressing common problem areas around the neck, shoulders, back, hips and extremities.

Jason’s Webpage


Howard Nemerov teaching Module 1 Motor Learning/Motor Memory and Module 2 Hips Are Part of Core Function   (NCBTMB approved 12 CEUs)

Module 1: Motor control is a sensorimotor system, gathering sensory from the body & then deciding which muscle (motor)function works best in response to the input. Injuries decrease motor control ability to activate the muscle for a given need; motor control created compensation to cope with lost function. Identify functional synergist relationships in core. Reprogram/balance core function.

Module 2: Explain why hip muscles part of core function. Identify function synergist relationships in hip function. Describe fascial band compensation. Explanation how pregnancy & traumatic injury weakens pelvic floor function. Explain how hips muscle can compensate for trunk stabilization & balance. Demonstrate ability to assess & reprogram hip compensation.

Howard’s Website


Jack Ryan teaching Lymphatic Balancing Introduction  (NCBTMB approved 12 CEUs)

Lymphatic Balance (LB) techniques are imperative  for all orthopedic  clients  and should be incorporated into every evaluations  and treatment program.  With  most orthopedic issues we find excess fluid, swelling, fluid stagnation, or lymphedema. These can cause or add to the pain that a client Is experiencing, as well as hinder the healing process. LB subtle manual maneuvers active lymph and interstitial fluid circulation throughout the body and also promote  the proper functioning of the immune  and  parasympathetic nervous  systems. LB uses specially adapted  lymphatic  pumping  and fluid mobilization techniques to target orthopedic problems in the cranium, spine rib cage, visceral system, and upper and lower extremities.

Jack’s website


Visit our events page for more details on the presenters.

Full Registration Closes September 14 at Noon

Use this link to Register



The Day’s Schedule

Friday Nov 1

  noon Registration begins

  2 – 5 pm Erickson class

  4 – 6 pm dinner

  6:15 – 9:15 pm all classes

Saturday Nov 2

7 – 9 am breakfast

9 am – 12 pm classes

12 – 2 pm lunch

2 – 5 pm Erickson class

4 – 6 pm dinner

6:15 – 9:15 pm Nemerov and Ryan classes

9:30 – 11 pm meet and greet

Sunday Nov 3

7 – 9 am breakfast

9 – 10 am checkout

10 am – 1 pm all classes

Have a safe ride home

Full registration includes 12-15 credit hours of continuing education, 5 buffet meals, and 2 nights in the hotel in a shared room for the AMTA Member price of $ , AMTA Student Members $ , Non-member $ . 

Important Registration Information

Full Registration Will Close on September 14

Click to Register Now



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