Sports Team

September 30 The Maine Marathon (Portland)

The Maine Marathon will be September 30 in Portland. Contact Hedy Blauvelt


Each participant will receive a $65 reimbursement for your meals and transportation.


Upcoming Events

Government Relations Committee Meeting   : October 20, 2018 at Jordan Hotel during the retreat, 4-5 pm     All are welcome.

Board Meeting   Saturday, October 20, 12 pm  at the retreat, Jorhan Hotel.  All are welcome.

Next BOD meeting Nov 26. This is a video meeting. Please contact a board member if you would like to attend.



2018 AMTA Maine Chapter Fall Retreat Training

October 19-21 at the Sunday River Jordan Hotel, Newry, Maine

This year we have 3 presenters for you to choose from.

All presenters are NCBTMB certified and all CEUs are NCBTMB approved.

Full registration includes hotel room with a roommate at the Sunday River Jordan Hotel, 5 meals, and up to 15 credit hours of continuing education for the AMTA member price of $265, AMTA student $200, and Non-member $365

George Russell from New York will teach 12 CEUs on “Skull, Jaw, Ears”.
Class description: The top of the spine, jaw, and skull are major areas of pain and misalignment.  This course approaches the ears, jaw and base of skull as a triangle of opportunity, wherein each area affects and can be affected by the other.  Relevant anatomy will be discussed, and techniques and approaches for opening up the jaw, sinuses, neck, and skull will be taught and practiced.   This is primarily a technique and discussion course and will involve working and being worked on.

(One must attend all 12 hours to receive CEUs,  Class begins Friday afternoon at 2 pm)

Greg Hurd from Massachusetts. will be teaching “Ethics” (3 CEUs), “Deep Tissue Massage Easily and Effectively” (6 CEUs),  and “Seated Massage” (3 CEUs).  

Class descriptions: Ethics – As Massage Therapists, we are faced with professional issues and concerns with every massage we do; with our marketing;, our record keeping; and much more.  In this class we will choose specific, common concerns, clarify our concerns about these issues, and then explore why and how we react.  Do we understand how choices affect others? Are we clear on our intent when making decisions?

Deep Tissue Massage Easily and Effectively – It has been stated many times that massage is hard work and that several massage therapists quit after a few years because they hurt.  Experienced therapists may tell new therapists, “you will hurt from doing massage; it’s just part of the business”.  Those who say that are wrong.  The only way you will hurt from doing massage is if you have a pre-existing condition or if you massage incorrectly.  The common pains from massage are: neck pain, thumb pain, wrist pain, and back soreness.  Why does this happen?  Why this class?  What we are teaching is awareness and approach along with the mechanics specific to your body type.  

Seated Massage – Covered topics include being creative in the seated massage, massaging each area of the body with several different techniques, applying depth comfortable and without pain, approaches to massage in a regular chair,and some discussion of the business side of seated massage.


Judith DeLany from Florida will be teaching a 12 CEU neuromuscular class entitled “When Good Shoulders Go Bad”. Class Description: When a joint presents with a high degree of mobility, instability is an associated factor. The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body and an array of complications can result from poor habits of use, strain and trauma.

This course will explore the complex makeup of the shoulder joint and a variety of associated dysfunctions, syndromes, and surgeries. We will also look at how some habitual sport movements alter the shoulder forever. We will consider the primary glenohumeral joint muscles that cause shoulder pain and dysfunction with detailed anatomy support. A step-by-step treatment protocol will be demonstrated (supine, side-lying, prone) and a directed trade will help you to master the techniques and strategies for improving shoulder health.

(One must attend all 12 hours to receive CEUs.  Class begins Friday afternoon at 2 pm.)

2018 Retreat Daily Schedule:     Each presenter will teach a total of 12 hr. CEs

Friday Oct 19th 

     Registration                                                         11am – 4:30pm

G. Russell – Skull, Jaw, Ears                             2 pm – 5 pm

J. DeLany – When Good Shoulders Go Bad     2 pm – 5 pm

Supper                                                              5 pm – 6 pm

G. Hurd – Ethics                                                 6 pm – 9 pm

Saturday Oct 20th

Breakfast                                                          7:30 am – 9 am

G. Russell  – class continues                             9 am -12 noon

J. DeLany  – class continues                             9 am – 12 noon

G. Hurd – Deep Tissue                                      9 am – 12 noon

Lunch                                                              12 noon – 1 pm 

J. DeLany – class continues                              1 pm – 4 pm

  Free time for those NOT in DeLany class    12 pm – 5 pm

Supper                                                             5 pm – 6 pm

G. Russell – class continues                             6 pm – 9 pm

G. Hurd – class continues                                 6 pm – 9 pm

      Meet & Great                                                   9 pm -12 midnight

Sunday Oct 21

                      Check out  of Jordan Hotel                                  by 9 am

                        Breakfast                                                        7:30 am – 9am                     .

G. Russell – class continues                            9 am -12 noon

J. DeLany – class continues                            9 am -12 noon

 G. Hurd – Seated Massage                              9 am -12 noon 

Full registration includes hotel room with a roommate at the Sunday River Jordan Hotel, 5 meals, and up to 15 credit hours of continuing education for the AMTA member price of $265, AMTA Student $200, Non-member $365.   Other registration types are available.

Important Registration Information

Full Registration (hotel, meals, and classes) Will Close on September 21.

After that date (Between Sept 22 and Oct 10) you will be able to register for meals and classes only, and you will have to make your own hotel arrangements by calling the Jordan Hotel at 800-543-2754 and giving the CL# 85u6rm to receive the AMTA discounted room rate (if they have rooms left).  





2018 Maine Chapter Celebrates the AMTA 75 Anniversary

Illuminating Service

AMTA 75th Anniversary Event – Celebrating 75 Years of Professionalism and Purpose:

Our Maine Chapter 75th Anniversary Plans A Celebration of Service includes an invitation for YOU, our members, to honor and celebrate an LMT friend’s work or your own work on a community service project in Maine. Our goal is to call in and assemble 75 short stories of service and purpose from our members in Maine: “Illuminating Service: 75 Stories of AMTA-MT’s in Maine”. Stories may be as short as a paragraph or several paragraphs long. Please do not shorten if it needs to be said. Let us know if you have an idea and wish to help us celebrate our stories of service in Maine. Please provide at least 1 or 2 photographs to accompany your story.

The 75 stories will enliven several of our needs: highlighting and honoring service in Maine and honoring the AMTA’s 75 years! Our stories may open up some potential connections, collaborations, or friendships with co-support, resources, or volunteers for various service projects. The collective stories will be honored and celebrated. And we will share select stories in our newsletters, on FB, on our web-site, at our 2018 fall retreat and 2019 annual meeting. You are welcome to offer ideas; we could use a few more volunteers to work on our 75th Celebration.


Chapter Meritorious Award  

This year we have awarded the Chapter Meritorious Award to Dale Jacqueline Albert for her excellent service as our Education Committee Chairperson. Dale has been our Education Chair for the past year, working tirelessly and graciously under great pressure. She has brought our chapter great educational events while virtually working alone (sometimes working with only one other person helping). She has always kept a smile on her face and joy in her heart while working in all situations and all during a time when she has had more than one “issue” to deal with personally. We (the chapter BOD) would like to commend Dale for all her efforts in securing leading presenters and great venues for our members and keeping (at times) the only “working” committee our chapter has had vital and thriving. Her determination and work ethic has been an inspiration to others to volunteer for our chapter and she is extremely deserving of this award.

Here are just some of Dale’s outstanding characteristics which make her uniquely qualified for this award:

  1. Her outstanding warm personality – always has time for every big or small question from anyone.
  2. Her willingness to help – she puts in way more than her fair share of time driving to far destinations (from her home) to make sure a venue is appropriate for our needs
  3. Her ability to persevere through thick or thin to get done all that needs to be done
  4. Her attention to the Details big and small!
  5. Her patience – dealing with our BOD and (at times) with conflicting information with grace and cheerfulness.
  6. Her dedication to education and all things “massage” related and making sure her AMTA chapter gets the best there is to offer.

The board has approved travel funds to send Dale to the National Convention where she will receive her award directly from the amta’s president and be able to participate in the educational opportunities offered there. Dale will also participate in the Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP) and Chapter Leadership Training.

THANK YOU! Dale for all you have done for us! We as a chapter are very grateful for your service and commitment to our profession!

Chapter Library


At the Annual Meeting, a member suggested the Chapter create a library. This was discussed at the recent board meeting and approval was granted to establish a library for our chapter. The purpose of said library would be to house books and dvd training videos that could be borrowed by members. To begin the library the board approved funding in the amount of $500.00 for the acquisition of materials and postage.

One member will house the library contents and act as librarian. Other members will contact her/him when they wish to borrow something.   Materials will be checked out and returned via mail. The library will seek donation from publishers and watch for sales on materials that may be of interest. We welcome members to donate books and videos to the library as well. Other states maintain a listing of library materials on their websites. We will do this if possible and announce new arrivals in the newsletters.

We need a volunteer for the position of “Librarian”. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the position please contact Anita, or 233-2806.




AMTA Maine Chapter Calendar