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Government Relations (GR) Committee Meeting Sunday July 14 at 9 pm. Contact Wendy for the Zoom login information.

Board Meetings   Monday July 29, 7 pm Via video conference.  All are welcome.  Please contact a board member if you would like to attend.

Online business practices discussion Monday Aug 5, via video conference.  All are welcome.  Contact Alex or Tarnya if you would like to attend.  Discussion topics include owning your own business, the pro and cons of employees


Mark your calendars for this upcoming event!

2019 AMTA Maine Chapter Fall Retreat and Training

Nov 1-3 in Bar Harbor

Friday – Sunday Nov 1-3  at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, Bar Harbor, Maine

Located at 119 Eden St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609



                 Register Now!

Registration Closes October 24th

This year we have 3 presenters for you to choose from and CPR for an additional fee.

All presenters are NCBTMB certified and all CEUs are NCBTMB approved.

Full registration includes hotel room with a roommate at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, 5 meals, and up to 15 credit hours of continuing education for the AMTA member price of $270, AMTA student $195, and Non-member $370

Register Early and Save – Special

Early Bird Full Registration Discount Until September 1 

AMTA member $249, AMTA student, $175,  Non-member $350

see many other registration types on the registration form

About our classes and presenters:



Howard Nemerov from Texas will teach 12 CEUs on “The Nemerov Method of NeuroMuscular Therapy”

Class description:  Module 1: Motor Learning and Motor Memory Motor control is a sensory-motor system, gathering sensory information from the body & then deciding which muscle (motor) function works best in response to the input. Injuries decrease motor control ability to activate the muscle for a given need; motor control then creates compensation to cope with lost function due to injury. Identification of functional synergistic relationships in the core. How to reprogram/balance core function.  Basic skills for assessment and correction of core compensation.

Module 2: Hips and Core Function  We will learn why hip muscles are part of core function; identify synergistic relationships in hip function; describe fascial band compensation; learn how pregnancy & traumatic injury weaken pelvic floor function; learn how hip muscles can compensate for trunk stabilization & balance; and assess & reprogram hip compensation.   Howard’s Website

(One must attend all 12 hours to receive CEUs,  Class begins Friday Evening at 6 pm)



Jason Erickson from Minnesota. will be teaching  “Sports Massage preparation and Recovery” (15 CEUs)

Class descriptions:  Event preparation and recovery are critical for athletes due to both psychological and physiological stressors. Skillful sports massage informed by pain science and sports psychology can contribute to their (and your) success. All skills taught are immediately applicable in your regular massage practice so you can master them quickly. Beginning sports massage therapists learn to work safely with athletes and performers at all levels in the 48 hours immediately before and after a strenuous event. Participants also learn to adapt to constraints often found in sports massage environments.

Based on current research and years of helping athletes prepare for and recover from events, this class approaches the practice of sports massage from a perspective influenced by current pain science. Pain science and sports psychology inform the use of assessment, treatment, and communication skills as you work with athletes and performers. Experienced sports massage therapists enjoy these classes for a refreshing approach and new skills that enhance what they already know and do.   Jason’s Webpage

(One must attend all 15 hours to receive CEUs.  Class begins Fri afternoon 1:30 pm)



Jack Ryan from Florida will be teaching a 12 CEU class entitled “Lymphatic Balancing Introduction”.

Class Description:  Lymphatic Balance (LB) techniques are imperative  for orthopedic clients and should be considered in every evaluation and treatment program.  With  most orthopedic issues we find excess fluid, swelling, fluid stagnation or lymphedema. These can cause or add to the pain that a client Is experiencing, as well as hinder the healing process.  LB’s subtle manual maneuvers activate lymph and interstitial fluid  circulation throughout the body and also promote the proper functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. LB uses specially adapted  lymphatic pumping and fluid mobilization techniques to target orthopedic problems in the cranium, spine, rib cage, visceral system, and upper and lower extremities.  Jack’s website

(One must attend all 12 hours to receive CEUs.  Class begins Friday evening at 6 pm.)

David Fuller from Maine will be doing a 2 hr CPR certification class on Fri afternoon.

Visit our events page for more details on the presenters and a full schedule for the weekend.

Full Registration Closes October 24th

Use this link to Register



Full registration includes 12-15 credit hours of continuing education, 5 buffet meals, and 2 nights in the hotel in a shared room, and a great opportunity to meet and network with other therapists. 


We need a volunteer to do Website update. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the position please contact Anita, adevito474@gmail.com or 207-233-2805.





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